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Hand painting process

Painting furniture is not straight forward job and requires a lot of attention to detail. Preparation is the key and choosing the right type of paint system will ensure a great finish which will last for years.

Priming is also very important as it provides better adherence to the surface. The painting stage with multiple top coats and sanding between them.

In the end, the result is a beautiful, durable piece of furniture which will bring joy for years.


Preparation stage

In order to achieve great finish which will last the preparation stage is very important.
It does usually involves removing items that are not being painted, de-greasing surface, sanding and filling all imperfections. Also, taping areas that are not being painted.

We are offering dustless sanding, so no dust around is guaranteed.


Priming stage

Once furniture is sanded and dust-free we usually put two coats of Isomat Block Primer or Zinsser B-I-N shellac primer if needed because of its unique features and great adherence to almost any surface. Also, it can be painted with either oil or water based paints without need of undercoat.
Light sanding with 320 grit sand paper usually needed.

At least two coats of primer applied. We currently use German brand Caparol Haftprimer for it’s unique adherence abilities.


Painting stage

There are few options when it comes to paint kitchen units. You can choose between MATT, SATIN, SEMI-GLOSS or GLOSS.
We apply 2-3 top coats most of the time and sand between coats too.

Most paints cure in about 30 days so we would recommend not to clean painted furniture for few weeks.